Ralph Weidling

Updated: Mar 8

“I am a self-taught artist, who has evolved my works, as my life has progressed and transformed. Originally from the Chicago area, but have found my fate in the 918! Tulsa Oklahoma for those who are unaware of the area code, once the Oil Capital of the world… now a thriving art scene fueled by philanthropist ideology! My works are sculptural steel and abstract chemical steel canvases. Each piece is envisioned by a personal dance with shapes, colors, materials, and patterns that forge my idea into substance. All my work is created at my 1940’s farm homestead & studio in Oklahoma. A place I call: The Painted Acres, which is my idea of living in a painting. Combining Ecoscaping, Environmental Stimulation, Permaculture, and Art into one coexisting environment & experience! This place of creation will be my greatest sculpted vision of my life’s work. It has brought me to a new & deeper understanding of what it is to be an artist… a creator… a human…a part of nature.” -R.Weidling


In addition to the Artery, you can also find Rlaphs work at these wonderful galleries:

The Price Gallery (Rt66) Tulsa

The Royce Myers Gallery Tulsa

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