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Sharon Bosworth

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Sharon Thomas Bosworth was born and raised in Salt Lake City(Sandy) Utah in 1980. Sharon comes from a long line of creatives on both sides of her family. Her parents raised her and her older brother and sister in a semi-rural area just on the outskirts of Salt Lake City. This allowed Sharon the freedom to grow up exploring nature close up.

Since her childhood, Sharon has actively sculpted and drawn animals, with particular interest in small, furry animals and Jackalopes. In her teenage years she discovered the world of small game taxidermy. Sharon thought it was an artful way to honor such beautiful animals. However, she's never had an interest in hunting.

Touch-a-Dermy Animals are Sharon's way of fullfiling a lifelong interest. While combining her love of animals and the study of nature, Sharon began designing and sculpting her own small animal creations.

Sharon builds each animal from the inside-out. She uses her own proprietary blended paper clay to construct the skeletan. Then, she fills in and creates the facial structer out of recycled paper pulp. Sharon then stretches faux fur over the faces and bodies.

"It has to be a perfect, "Minky" type of faux fur." -Sharon

She then designs and resin-pours their eyes. She hand sculpts antlers and other features out of paper clay, and finally, she mounts them onto recycled wood and vines harvested from her backyard.

Sharon's Touch-a-Dermy Animals are made to not only look soft and lovable, they ARE soft and lovable! Each animal is built to be pet. The ears on the Jackalopes are wired and can be played with and repositioned.

Wall art made to pet and love.

Sharon will have 5, Touch-a-Dermy animals on display and for sale at the Artery's March Gallery Show (3/24/22 - 5/25/22)

The Jackalope's

The Sloth

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