Stephen Parks

Updated: Mar 9

Stephen Bryan Parks (Steve) is an Abstract Expressionist oil painter utilizing the ‘color, action, & figurative’ fields for paintings. He utilizes equiluminance and sfumato which were perfected by Leonardo da Vinci in mixing color. Abstract Expressionism style of oil painting blends the edges of oil color which convey to the viewer actions, motion, and sometimes emotions. Steve's interpretive thoughts and his patience as an observer allow his paintings to tell stories beyond the first glance. He perfects his subject matter and color blending, causing a subtle hesitation often taken for granted. Diverse topography encountered while traveling often becomes the basis for new inspiration.

​A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Steve has a B.S. degree from Oklahoma State University and he earned his M.A. at Oklahoma City University.

​Steve’s first-sixth grade art teacher was Maggie Hogue, wife of Alexandre Hogue the famous abstract realist whose landscapes influenced Steve's early work. He has displayed paintings at Blum & Poe, Hume Modern Los Angeles and Price Gallery in Tulsa. Today, Steve’s paintings continue to evolve in abstract expressionism and through his creativity and connections to accomplished artist i.e., Julie Mehtru, Cecily Brown, Flora Yukhnovich and of course Susan Swanson.

"Desert Flowers" oil on canvas 20"x20" and "Stormy" oil on canvas 20"x20"

"Going to Paris" oil on canvas 40"x30"

"Scrolls" oil on canvas 16"x28", "Rubber Sole" oil on canvas 36"x48" and "Pumpkin at a Masquerade" oil on canvas 96"x48"

"Passion in a heart" oil on canvas 48"x36" and "Naphthol Red on Earth" oil on canvas 42"x42"

"Marilyn Thoma's Water Lillies" oil on canvas 72"x48"

"Lost World in 1968" oil on canvas 48"x60", Figure Skater Doing Whirltbird Jump 24x20 and “Origin of Aramis” oil on canvas 31"x23"

"Surrealist Golf Course - CABO" oil on canvas "16 x 20"

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